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Author Topic: Cramps after Sex: Possible Causes in Men and Women  (Read 162 times)


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Cramps after Sex: Possible Causes in Men and Women
« on: July 13, 2019, 08:32:36 PM »
Itís possible for both men and women to experience cramps after sex. These cramps occur for varied reasons. If you have always experienced cramps after sex with vegas milf escort or your girlfriend, here are some of the possible causes.

Cramps in Men after Sex

Although itís not common for men to have cramps after sex, it happens with some men. Prostatitis is the major cause of cramps in men after sex. This occurs when the prostate is inflamed gradually or suddenly. The inflammation causes pelvic pain during or after sex.

The prostate is basically a walnut-sized, small gland in a manís low pelvis. This gland adds seminal fluid to a manís ejaculation during sex.

Cramps in Women after Sex

There are many causes of cramps after sex in women.

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